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Top 5 Window Cleaning Tools


Top 5 Window Cleaning Tools

We at 321 window cleaning are often asked by not only clients, but also those looking to start a window cleaning business, what tools does a professional window cleaning outfit use. While the list can be quite extensive and even delve into things like lifts etc., at the core, few complex instruments are needed. In addition, most of the these gadgets are quite inexpensive. And while many in the industry are hesitant to to discuss business “trade secrets” with those looking to enter the window cleaning realm, we have no such qualms.

With the tools listed below anyone can get started with a profitable window cleaning business.

1. Squeegee

The squeegee is one of the most important tools in any window cleaner's arsenal. If you want streak-free, professional window panes, the squeegee is your go to.

The squeegee consists of three basic parts: the handle, the rubber, and the channel. Major manufacturers include Unger, and Ettore, among others. Common widths range from 4 inches to 24 inches with the 12 inch or 14 inch the most frequently used. Every window cleaner should have an assortment of sizes to accommodate all projects.

Besides width, handle length and rubber quality play important factors. Find a squeegee that suits your style. After a long day of window cleaning, squeegee weight can be crucial. While rubber can be flipped when worn, always have backups on hand. This is not a tool where frugality should be displayed. Buy quality and your squeegee will reward you with years of profitable service.

2. Mop

Ever see a professional window cleaner apply soap to a window? That T-looking device with a furry covered sleeve is called a “mop”. This device gets dipped into your cleaning solution bucket, then used as an applicator. It retains solution therefore negating multiple back and forth bucket trips, while also evenly distributing product. Popular widths are 12 inches and 14 inches. Handles can be swivel or fixed. A must use for any true professional.

3. Scrapers

All window cleaners will inevitably run into paint splatter, decals, hardened grime, stubborn insect excrement (a Palm Bay window cleaning favorite), and calcification. Our tool of choice for these challenges is the scraper. A simple, inexpensive one inch pocket scraper can handle most tasks effectively. Larger varieties can attached to the end of extension poles. Invest in the addition of a belt pouch for your scraper as you'll get a lot of usage out of this handy instrument.

4. Solution Bucket

To carry your water and cleaning solution mix you'll want a solution bucket. It will be where you dunk your mop before window application. All sizes, shapes, and colors exist. Some with fancy designs, wheels, drain plugs, contoured handles, and all the bells and whistles you could ever want. At the end of the day, easy transport with a manageable size are crucial. Many pros, however, opt for a simple 5 gallon bucket available at any local hardware store for super cheap.

5. Cleaning Towels (Rags)

Whether microfiber cloths or surgical Huck towels, a lint-free detail rag is a must. These cheap, washable, and reusable goodies enable us to get into tight corners that our squeegees can't. We can also use them on window frames and tracks.

That's it folks. A simple, cost effective approach to getting your window cleaning business off the ground. These are tools we still use every single day in our own window cleaning in Palm Bay Florida. And while other devices including ladders, extension poles, and track brushes are great to have, the five tools listed above are more than enough to get started.

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Top 5 Window Cleaning Tools

  Top 5 Window Cleaning Tools We at 321 window cleaning are often asked by not only clients, but also those looking to start a window cleani...